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Thursday, November 03, 2005

'Just Call Me Gandhi Too!' Says Bennett

In an article posted today in the CC forums, Chris Bennett takes a page from his mentor-boss-cult leader Marc Emery and compares himself to Mahatma Gandhi.

As a public service, CCCult thought it would examine some of Mahatma Bennett's enlightened public statements and let you be the judge of the type of change he would like to see in the world..

On October 3rd, 2005 Bennett wrote on the CC forums:

"Catholocism [sic], Judaism, Islam are mental disorders and a virus that does not compute in the human bio-computer."

In another posting June 23, 2005 - Chris Gandhi writes "I fail to see the difference between the persecution of the cannabis community and the suffering of Mr. Cotler's ancestors [in the Holocaust at the hands of the Nazis]."

Bennett continued, "Have you ever read the Torah? I have and it would be banned as hate literature if it were written today ... We are the victims here and Irwin Cotler is the perpetuator of cultural persecution."

In this classic POT-TV moment, described as a "ground-breaking segment" Mahatma Bennett and his good buddy Dana Larsen "[eat] magic-mushrooms and smoke a fat bowl of DMT".

The real Mahatma said it best:

"The things that will destroy us are: politics without principle; pleasure without conscience; wealth without work; knowledge without character; business without morality; science without humanity; and worship without sacrifice." - Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi never incited hate.

Gandhi never needed to give out drugs to get people to support him.

Gandhi never slagged other religions of the world.

Gandhi didn't rely on a drug trafficker for financial support.

Gandhi was very wise. He also said "The moment there is suspicion about a person's motives, everything he does becomes tainted."

Marc Emery and his minions like Chris Bennett have highly suspicious motives, and everything they do is tainted as a result.

They have been living in their dark little cloistered underworld way too long.

They cannot stand the light of truth.

This blog will soon reveal the identity of Marc Emery's Bud Buddy, further exposing them to the the light of truth.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Permit For Pot: Rainey-Emery Hide Criminal Activity Behind Med Pot Use; Play For Sympathy In Desperation

Also today, Marc Emery proudly announced that lover-boss-co-conspirator Michelle Rainey received her Medical Marijuana permit.

Meanwhile she continues to wait for her Money Laundering and Drug Trafficking permit to arrive.

Rainey's medical marijuana permit is believed to be only a temporary permit as it will no longer be valid once she is extradited.

The Cheese Stands Alone: Support For Emery Bottoms Out

CCCult can report tonight that Marc Emery has been all but abandoned by his base of supporters.

Emery has been devastated as reality sets in that he has been abandoned by the community who for so long he thought followed his every word.

Things looked desperate on September 17th at a Poker Tournament fundraiser organized by BCMP Campaign Manager Kirk Tousaw was held at BCMP HQ with virtually no one attending but close Emery friends with little of their own money in their pockets to contribute.

Even in pot-haven Vandsterdam, Emery couldn't turn up enough supporters to hold a successful fundraiser in his own headquarters. Organizers and close aides were seriously disappointed but told Emery not to worry, the sun will come out tomorrow.

Unfortunately for Emery, in another sign of his fast evaporating base of support, Marc was forced to announce today the cancellation of the sale of his most prized possessions due to total and utter lack of interest! Marc had hoped that by selling some of his most valued sentimental possessions, additional funds would be raised for his legal defence by people both recognizing the inherent value of the items as well as the sentimental value to Emery himself. He was wrong on both counts. After two months of promotion and priority posting in the forums, almost nobody noticed or cared.

Emery wrote in his own words:

"Alas, only a few entries were received, so the few we did get have been returned to sender ... Such great prizes, too..."

Emery's string of unsuccessful fundraisers, coupled with the fact that he has enlisted co-conspirator Bud Buddy (whose identity this blog will soon reveal!) to manufacture the illusion of public support through the exchange of FREE POT for letters to the media and legislators on his behalf -- demonstrates how low Emery is willing to go to manipulate public opinion in his favour.

After having his sole supply of funds eliminated coupled with the sobering embarassment that even as his closest supporters are now distancing themselves from his desperately adrift organization. Without money or supporters, sources who spoke to CCCult on condition of anonymity worry that Emery's mood swings indicate something more serious such as the onset of severe depression.

Many have commented how much Emery has appeared to have drastically aged over the summer and how increasingly agitated he appears. His companion and closest assistants are closely monitoring his mood and behaviour for possible signs of extreme depression out of fear he may harm himself.

CCCult will continue to provide the latest updates.

"HEY RAT". Death Threats From BCMP Following Promise to Unmask Marc Emery's Bud Buddy; Plus: CCCult Gets Its Own Domain!

LESS THAN A DAY after promising to reveal the identity of Marc Emery's Bud Buddy to the world and revealing that Bud Buddy is a member of the NDP, the author of this blog has received an implicit death threat from one of Emery's top henchman.

Chris Bennett, longtime Emery depedent and former 'Manager' of POT-TV, wrote the following threatening email:

From: Chris Bennett []
Sent: Monday, October 31, 2005 7:31 PM
Subject: Hey Rat

High there Rat-boy,
I guess this latest incarnation takes you into the realm of Narc-wannabe.
Congratulations, now you are a rat. The gig is almost up.

Bennett's threat is a revealing look into an organization that paints itself as a peaceful, transparent, non-violent and benign movement 'fighting for freedom', but the reality shows it to be a mafia-like family, worried only about protecting the Don, it's own bottom line, and preserving family loyalty at all costs.

I wonder why Chris Bennett is so concerned with the imminent release of the true identity of Marc Emery's Bud Buddy? So concerned that he would use intimidation or threats of violence to prevent the truth from being revealed.

Could it be that his threat is further proof of the close relationship between Bud Buddy, Marc Emery, and the BC Marijuana Party at the highest level?

Could revalations of Bud Buddy's identity threaten an end to the drug financed exploitation and manipulation at the hands of Marc Emery and his ever-shrinking cadre of cultist supporters?

After all, following his arrest in July 2005, as part of an orchastrated campaign of media manipulation Emery and his followers repeatedly claimed that Emery's businesses "operated openly" for all to see with the implicit support of the community, and political leaders.

If Emery's businesses operated so openly why would one of his former top employees feel the need to lash out, issuing death threats in a vain attempt to prevent what he must realize will be a very damaging revelation about the true identity of Marc Emery's Bud Buddy and that persons relationhip to the BC Marijuana Party.

Surely Chris, Marc, and Bud Buddy:
Freedom has nothing to fear from the truth ...or does it?

Despite his atrocious spelling -- and cowardly death threats, which in and of themselves are further proof of guilt and a close association with the BCMP -- Chris is right about one thing: The 'jig' IS almost up.

The jig is almost up for Bud Buddy and the money laundering front that is the BC Marijuana Party and all the shady activity and lies it has been hiding.

This blog has received so much traffic, tips, and reader feedback we have decided to move this blog to its own domain!


will be our future
home, hosting this blog and all the revealing details on Marc Emery, Bud Buddy, and his BC Money-laundering Party.

Bookmark the new URL, send it to the media, your legislative representative and all of your friends! Check back regularly for the latest updates.

Bud Buddy's identity will be revealed by this blog VERY SOON.

Emery and associates be warned: further death threats or hack attempts will not disuade this blog from revealing the truth. History will condemn you for your actions and dishonesty.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween to Marc Emery and his Bud BUDdy!

The NDP 3 are some of Marc Emery's biggest boosters; Svend Robinson, Libby Davies, and Jack Layton.

They might be shocked to know the person offering free pot for calls to MP's offices and letters to the editor is one of their very own.

This entrepeneuring NDP member not only dispenses free dope for favors on behalf of Marc Emery. He's selling the stuff through mail order with Emery's blessing (and even his explicit endorsement, promotion, and recommendation!). And why wouldn't Emery give his blessing?

Bud Buddy is offering all kind of rewards for anyone who publically professes support for Emery and his current legal case (14 grams of BC Bud in the mail for anyone who has a letter published in a newspaper, 1 gram for calls to MP's or the Justice Department).

Furthermore, Bud Buddy donates "virtually all [of his] current profits to the BC Marijuana Party". That's awful generous for an 'unassociated' anonymous internet marijuana dealer. Bud Buddy gives the money to the party, the party gives it to its leader, and we all know who the leader is.

Marc Emery has cast a spell over the NDP ever since Jack Layton sat down with him on October 27, 2003. No other federal leader has given Emery the time of day let alone sat down in his house to be interviewed and do promos for POT-TV, a flagship in the promotion of his illegal seed sale business.

Jack Layton demonstrated poor judgement. Chickens will soon come home to roost for his party. You are known by the company you keep. Something doesn't smell right here. There's a whiff of scandal in the air...

Those who live in the seedy netherworld of trolls and goblins can't stand the light of day. Soon, thanks to this blog and contributors to it, they will face the cold hard light of reality.

Enjoy Halloween Marc Emery and Bud Buddy because soon all the masks will be coming off.

Pretty words and the maple leaf wont help you then.

It won't be long now...

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Marc $ Emery who is your $ BUDBUDdy $

has graduated from selling seeds to selling weed through his BudBuddy to finance his personal needs and legal fees.

Soon this Blog will reveal to the world who Bud Buddy is ... maybe in five minutes... maybe in an hour or two ... maybe later... maybe tomorrow... Some of your friends will not be so friendly when they find out who you really are Buddy. They will find out they have been dealing with a wolf in sheep's clothing hiding the biggest wolf of them all.

* Keep watching this blog space for Bud Buddy's real identity -- to be revealed soon!

has been living pretty high on the hog on charity. In a previously written and latter sabotaged post, I asked where all of the money went. Since the Blog was destroyed I have been looking through the backup, cherry picking, when it dawned upon me, where is the money coming from?

My original thinking was that any millionaire businessman with former bank employee managing his money would surely have a bundle stashed away. How else can and live off the charity of impoverished students and children's lunch money? How could I have overlooked the obvious? is a money making machine feeding off illegal marijuana seeds today hashish tomorrow. knows no bounds. Poor was being set up, to be the fall girl, just like was for the seed / pot desk. was headed toward being the bud mail order princess under queen mother of the mail order seed forum Had the only waited they could have got the seed lady and the bag lady. dope direct worldwide mail order, hashish and marijuana, online reviews and customer feedback. Fortunately for the thought that they had the core conspirators.

Could be the front man for a deeper conspiracy? Only Bud can tell us for sure. Buddy you have a chance to confess before the world discovers who you are. Share with us where is getting the money from?

Confession is good for the soul and five years in prison or six months with time off early in Canada. Not a large price to pay for forgiveness. is a busy girl running the money between the laundries, the laundry and the laundry. I wonder if the found two or three sets of books. We are left to wonder if is the puppeteer, who is pulling the strings.

Bud get ready it is coming soon; it may be morning, night or noon.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

David Malmo Levine cheats steals lies and hurts

This blogs starts on a somber tone with a long story from the heart of a reader. The story needs to be told and the truth revealed. This story will be spread across several post to give it the forum it deserves.

I absolutely do not want to hurt the movement, but as the phrase goes, 'Freedom has nothing to Fear from the Truth' .

I write to you from a small apartment. I am soon to change residences with my family again due to safety issues related to this case. I recently saw that someone had posted this story of the med pot scam perpetrated by David Malmo Levine and Norm Caouette on the CC forums. My family who were victimized would never have been allowed to post there, it would have been deleted by the moderators within minutes. But it seems that the post has been allowed to remain as long as I, nor anyone else, who was scammed cannot respond there. David Malmo Levine states on the forums that the rip off was all Norm Caouette fault. David is a liar. I would think at this point the only people David Malmo Levine has left to con are the most deluded the most naive, the most vulnerable and most uninitiated into the movement. And that, my friends, is a scary reality.

David Malmo Levine, you are one of the two most despicable people I have ever met in my life. The other is the disgusting Norm Caouette, your business partner for many years. Whatever deluded concept you have of yourself (if it is a delusion and not just some undercover narc strategy) you are a danger to this movement and to my community. My message to you is to fuck off and get the hell away from my people and all those who care about the future of this movement.

I am a low income disabled single mother. Norman Edward Caoette is David Malmo Levine's business partner and also a pedophile that molested my eight year old daughter.

Norman Caoutte is a con artist and a rat who stole thousands of dollars from people in a medical marijuana scam in winter 2003 to spring 2004. David Malmo Levine helped him to scam people.

Let me begin at the beginning. I apologize for the length of this post but the details are important. I first met Norman Caouette when he was resident in a homeless camp. I brought food for the camp in my effort to help my community survive the brutish polices of the provincial government. Norm Caouette is an ugly man with a limp. But he is also a skilled con artist. He later introduced me to David Malmo-Levine who he said was an inspector for or to the Compassion Club. Norman Caouette asked me if I would invest in his medical marijuana project. He showed me this contract that was an "intent to grow" for the Compassion Club. The guy was very persistent and I was dumb enough to feel sorry for him, and I was vain enough to be flattered and I thought that I might make a difference in this world thru this medical grow. It was supposed to service the community.

Norman Caouette told me that such a grow op was quasi legal because it serves very ill people. He told me of the brave pot activists and how hard they'd all fought (he was a leader in the movement) to ensure the right to medical marijuana. Stupidly, I was impressed. Norm lived at my for about six weeks while he recovered from his ordeal of being made homeless by this alleged evil ex wife. During that time he ate quite a bit. He overcame his need for the walking stick. Overtime he convinced me he was in love with me and that he wanted to help me financially to care for my children. He seemed especially fond of my eight year old daughter. I am horrified as I remember how he convinced us all that he wanted to be a supportive figure to my children. Despite Norm's unusually unkempt appearance and bad manners, I fell for all of it. He may have been homeless, but he is a well practiced con artist. He is known to have "the gift of the gab" and can be quite charming although what lies underneath is disgusting.

To be continued in next post..........

Friday, October 28, 2005

David Malmo Levine cheats lies steals defrauds

Norm Caoutte was very persistent in his efforts to get me to have a "relationship" with him and in getting me to have sex with him. Okay, I was stupid on many levels, but he told me he was certified infertile and then I got pregnant. Norm claimed he was thrilled. We were now "a couple." I began to believe that he really did care about me and my kids. There is something about saving someones life and nursing someone back to health that sort of bonds you to a person. I thought I could trust him since I had done so much for him. So I decided to invest in this medical marijuana grow. I am low income but for the first time in my life had some $20,000 through a private loan. I must admit that I gave Norm some money before meeting David Malmo Levine. David Malmo Levine called my place frequently to speak to Norm. At some point Norm introduced in person to David Malmo Levine who presented himself as the inspector for or to the Vancouver Compassion Club. This was the clincher for me.

David attempted to "educate" me about the evil US government, the multinational corporations, the big pharmaceutical companies, and the value of organic (it had to be organic) medical marijuana, etc. David's presence as the inspector for or to the Club convinced me that Norm's project was legitimate. So, several months down the road, Norm had taken I'd say about $15,000 dollars of my money for this dream project. He moved into a warehouse and started the infamous grow. And guess what? About that same time, I started to see very, very little of Norm. He had taken about $15,000 of my money. He claimed that he had to work hard down at the warehouse. That was okay with me, for awhile. I must add here that I never expected Norm to be in a traditional relationship with me as the father of his soon to be child. I did, however, expect a fair deal and some support. I was getting "more" pregnant. We were coming up to the $20,000 mark now. He didn't want me down at the warehouse because he said it was under renovation and it would be too uncomfortable for a pregnant woman. When I insisted on the phone that I visit the warehouse he got nasty. And overtime he got nastier. To my horror he began to swear and yell at me over the phone. He'd call me names like "****ing dummy" and "You stupid *****" - and other words that let me know he wasn't someone I wanted to be around in person to hear it. I felt he might smack me around.

I was now anxious to get some money back from the investment so I did not cut off communication. I tried to negotiate with him. At times Norm Caouette would tell me how much he loved me and my children. I was trapped, waiting for a return on my investment, trying to manage his hostile and unpredictable behavior. What kept me hanging on was David Malmo Levine's assurance that despite Norm's temper, all was legitimate. When I asked Norm Caouette (always on the phone) what was happening with the grow, he yelled at me, swore, screamed or said that he had to focus entirely on his work. He yelled that I was stressing him out. He would tell me that I just didn't understand the sensitive nature of his work, the danger that the brave pot activists faced everyday, the security risks, and the hard labor of taking care of the plants. When harvest time came Norm told me that the first crop died of mold, then the second crop died of mold too, then the third crop died of guessed it.. mold. David assured me it has all died of mold too. So he didn't have any money to give me in return for the thousands I'd given him. Norm fully acknowledged that I had saved his life by pulling him out of the homeless camp and funding his dream project. He said he would be able to pay me back soon.

To be continued .............

David Malmo Levine pedophiles con artist liars cheats

Norm was on his third cell phone charged in my name. He never made one single payment on the cell phone bills. I started to get calls from creditors because I couldn't pay the bills. I started to worry that there would be no money to buy items for when the baby was born. If I brought this up to Norm he would tell me that money was coming soon. I now know that during this time Norm was conning people out of money - thousands of dollars - it's estimated that in the years 2003 -2004 NORMAN EDWARD CAOUETTE conned disabled people worldwide out of thousands of dollars. In fact, he was getting thousands of dollars from his grow as well as LARGE AMOUNTS from conning other disabled people out of their money in this phony investment scam!!!! My children and I saw none of it. I did not know Norm and David were running a scam. When I had the baby Norm left me at the hospital without even a car seat to bring the baby home. For those of you that don't know, you can't leave hospital without a vehicle for transportation, and you can't take the baby home without a car seat. Norm didn't care. But that scummy behavior was not the worst of it, this guy is so ****ing disgusting it defies imagination. .

I would call David Malmo Levine and ask what to do because it seemed I had lost any control or ability to even visit or receive any pay back for the help I had given these men. At some point David Malmo Levine's story changed. I was told that they now had permission from Hilary to run a second outlet for the Vancouver Compassion Club. I asked David, "David, is it true that Hilary gave Norm permission to run an afterhours club for the Compassion Club?" David said, "Yes." He was always short and curt with me, now I know it is because he wanted to get off the phone because it was a scam and troublesome for him to offer many details.

It all blew apart for them when my mother emailed the Compassion Club. My mother was angry that her grandchildren had been, in her perception, robbed by Norm. She couldn't stand it anymore and sent an angry email to the Compassion Club. We quickly learned from the club that Norm was not allowed within a 100,000 feet of the Compassion Club. As well, David Malmo Levine was not the inspector of the club, as we'd been led to believe by Norm and David. We learned that David did not have a neutral role - he was Norm's business partner! Whether he intended it or not, (he claims not) David lent credibility that Norm would not otherwise have and enabled Norm to get people to invest. David met with all the investors that Norm brought to the scam. The people who were conned were predominantly women with disabilities.

The most horrifying part is that this year my by now nine year old daughter began to have an anxiety disorder. She has now disclosed that Norman Edward Caouette molested her while he was in my home. We have contacted the RCMP and we are going forward with a complaint. It is awful - but we are attempting to stay healthy minded for the sake of my daughter who needs our love and support.

During the time I still believed that David Malmo Levine was the inspector for the Compassion Club I would call David for help. As I say, he was always irritated by my calls. If I complained he would put the responsibility on me for being abused. He told me that obviously I must have some sort of personal boundary problem to be involved with a brute like Norm. Yet, at the same time he would convince me that the project was real. I now know it was all a scam.

To be continued .........

Dirty David Malmo Levine this fits you like a glove

After Hilary informed me that it was a scam I started to go through the cell phone bills that Norm had charged in my name. I found disabled people as far away as Saskatchewan, Florida and Alabama who had come to Vancouver and invested in the scam. I learned that Norm had committed a sexual assault in Saskatchewan while traveling there to (mis)represent the Vancouver Compassion Club to investors. A well respected activist there had warned David Malmo Levine about Norm Caouette's behavior while in Saskatchewan, never once suspecting that David was in on the scam too. Of course David never related any of this information to the disabled women who he met with Norm to scam money from in the coming months. Also, I learned that all the old-timers in the Cannabis movement were well aware that Norm Caouette was a scam artist. Norman Caouette is a "known" in the community and anyone with any knowledge of the industry knows to stay away from him. He had helped David to set up David's club years before and that club was robbed several times and finally busted as a result of Norm and David's rip offs.

It also seems that David and Norm were informing on people. I spoke to a man in the US who told me that he came to Vancouver to invest in the scam. Like all the other investors he met Norm and David. Soon after he went to return to the US he had washed, cleaned his car, washed again, and showered several times before crossing the border. Mysteriously, the border guards stopped him and told him that they knew he had been dealing pot in Vancouver. The border guards could find no evidence but claimed that they could tell he had been smoking pot with his toe nail clippers. The man assures me this was never the case. The poor guy was transported 100 kilometers or so and jailed. He has a restriction from returning to Canada now. He thinks that Norman Caouette and David Malmo Levine informed on him. As well, growers and helpers were busted throughout the project. One guy got busted soon after police visited Norm Caouette. By this time there were about ten people trying to get the grow op busted. The police did not take down Norm's grow such as it was(and it was a pathetic grow despite all the money being invested) and quietly left him alone, but soon after the police busted a very tight security bigger grow belonging to one of the people who had helped Norm. So you do the math on that kind of activity. It is clear to me that someone was informing to save their own pathetic disgusting ass. I now know that Norm Caouette has a reputation of doing that very thing. He lives in the shadows because there are so many irate people after him. That is in fact why he was living in a homeless camp, he was hiding out.

We have since learned that Norman Caouette molested my eight year old daughter while he was in my home. The police investigation has so far revealed multiple victims of his abuse. To this day David Malmo Levine offers no explanations, no apologies, and describes Norman Caouette as the sole perpetrator and a "mixed blessing" to the movement. In contrast, Marc Emery has stated to me in his own words, "There is no doubt that David enabled Norm to mislead you, I just can't figure out why."

I have some thoughts on why David would help Norm to scam people. Either he did it for profit or because he is an undercover narc. There are simply no other explanations.

Oh, and there is one other reason why David is a scam artist. In case you had not heard, since so many of us do not read legal transcripts, prohibition was over on Terry Parker Day 2003. The courts may continue to act as if prohibition is still the law, but they are not the only scammers behaving as though prohibition was still the law. They get a lot of help from the profiteers.

I do believe there are good people out there working to support the cause with accountability to family and community. This post is meant for all those people. FREEDOM HAS NOTHING TO FEAR FROM THE TRUTH.