Friday, October 28, 2005

David Malmo Levine cheats lies steals defrauds

Norm Caoutte was very persistent in his efforts to get me to have a "relationship" with him and in getting me to have sex with him. Okay, I was stupid on many levels, but he told me he was certified infertile and then I got pregnant. Norm claimed he was thrilled. We were now "a couple." I began to believe that he really did care about me and my kids. There is something about saving someones life and nursing someone back to health that sort of bonds you to a person. I thought I could trust him since I had done so much for him. So I decided to invest in this medical marijuana grow. I am low income but for the first time in my life had some $20,000 through a private loan. I must admit that I gave Norm some money before meeting David Malmo Levine. David Malmo Levine called my place frequently to speak to Norm. At some point Norm introduced in person to David Malmo Levine who presented himself as the inspector for or to the Vancouver Compassion Club. This was the clincher for me.

David attempted to "educate" me about the evil US government, the multinational corporations, the big pharmaceutical companies, and the value of organic (it had to be organic) medical marijuana, etc. David's presence as the inspector for or to the Club convinced me that Norm's project was legitimate. So, several months down the road, Norm had taken I'd say about $15,000 dollars of my money for this dream project. He moved into a warehouse and started the infamous grow. And guess what? About that same time, I started to see very, very little of Norm. He had taken about $15,000 of my money. He claimed that he had to work hard down at the warehouse. That was okay with me, for awhile. I must add here that I never expected Norm to be in a traditional relationship with me as the father of his soon to be child. I did, however, expect a fair deal and some support. I was getting "more" pregnant. We were coming up to the $20,000 mark now. He didn't want me down at the warehouse because he said it was under renovation and it would be too uncomfortable for a pregnant woman. When I insisted on the phone that I visit the warehouse he got nasty. And overtime he got nastier. To my horror he began to swear and yell at me over the phone. He'd call me names like "****ing dummy" and "You stupid *****" - and other words that let me know he wasn't someone I wanted to be around in person to hear it. I felt he might smack me around.

I was now anxious to get some money back from the investment so I did not cut off communication. I tried to negotiate with him. At times Norm Caouette would tell me how much he loved me and my children. I was trapped, waiting for a return on my investment, trying to manage his hostile and unpredictable behavior. What kept me hanging on was David Malmo Levine's assurance that despite Norm's temper, all was legitimate. When I asked Norm Caouette (always on the phone) what was happening with the grow, he yelled at me, swore, screamed or said that he had to focus entirely on his work. He yelled that I was stressing him out. He would tell me that I just didn't understand the sensitive nature of his work, the danger that the brave pot activists faced everyday, the security risks, and the hard labor of taking care of the plants. When harvest time came Norm told me that the first crop died of mold, then the second crop died of mold too, then the third crop died of guessed it.. mold. David assured me it has all died of mold too. So he didn't have any money to give me in return for the thousands I'd given him. Norm fully acknowledged that I had saved his life by pulling him out of the homeless camp and funding his dream project. He said he would be able to pay me back soon.

To be continued .............