Friday, October 28, 2005

David Malmo Levine pedophiles con artist liars cheats

Norm was on his third cell phone charged in my name. He never made one single payment on the cell phone bills. I started to get calls from creditors because I couldn't pay the bills. I started to worry that there would be no money to buy items for when the baby was born. If I brought this up to Norm he would tell me that money was coming soon. I now know that during this time Norm was conning people out of money - thousands of dollars - it's estimated that in the years 2003 -2004 NORMAN EDWARD CAOUETTE conned disabled people worldwide out of thousands of dollars. In fact, he was getting thousands of dollars from his grow as well as LARGE AMOUNTS from conning other disabled people out of their money in this phony investment scam!!!! My children and I saw none of it. I did not know Norm and David were running a scam. When I had the baby Norm left me at the hospital without even a car seat to bring the baby home. For those of you that don't know, you can't leave hospital without a vehicle for transportation, and you can't take the baby home without a car seat. Norm didn't care. But that scummy behavior was not the worst of it, this guy is so ****ing disgusting it defies imagination. .

I would call David Malmo Levine and ask what to do because it seemed I had lost any control or ability to even visit or receive any pay back for the help I had given these men. At some point David Malmo Levine's story changed. I was told that they now had permission from Hilary to run a second outlet for the Vancouver Compassion Club. I asked David, "David, is it true that Hilary gave Norm permission to run an afterhours club for the Compassion Club?" David said, "Yes." He was always short and curt with me, now I know it is because he wanted to get off the phone because it was a scam and troublesome for him to offer many details.

It all blew apart for them when my mother emailed the Compassion Club. My mother was angry that her grandchildren had been, in her perception, robbed by Norm. She couldn't stand it anymore and sent an angry email to the Compassion Club. We quickly learned from the club that Norm was not allowed within a 100,000 feet of the Compassion Club. As well, David Malmo Levine was not the inspector of the club, as we'd been led to believe by Norm and David. We learned that David did not have a neutral role - he was Norm's business partner! Whether he intended it or not, (he claims not) David lent credibility that Norm would not otherwise have and enabled Norm to get people to invest. David met with all the investors that Norm brought to the scam. The people who were conned were predominantly women with disabilities.

The most horrifying part is that this year my by now nine year old daughter began to have an anxiety disorder. She has now disclosed that Norman Edward Caouette molested her while he was in my home. We have contacted the RCMP and we are going forward with a complaint. It is awful - but we are attempting to stay healthy minded for the sake of my daughter who needs our love and support.

During the time I still believed that David Malmo Levine was the inspector for the Compassion Club I would call David for help. As I say, he was always irritated by my calls. If I complained he would put the responsibility on me for being abused. He told me that obviously I must have some sort of personal boundary problem to be involved with a brute like Norm. Yet, at the same time he would convince me that the project was real. I now know it was all a scam.

To be continued .........