Friday, October 28, 2005

Dirty David Malmo Levine this fits you like a glove

After Hilary informed me that it was a scam I started to go through the cell phone bills that Norm had charged in my name. I found disabled people as far away as Saskatchewan, Florida and Alabama who had come to Vancouver and invested in the scam. I learned that Norm had committed a sexual assault in Saskatchewan while traveling there to (mis)represent the Vancouver Compassion Club to investors. A well respected activist there had warned David Malmo Levine about Norm Caouette's behavior while in Saskatchewan, never once suspecting that David was in on the scam too. Of course David never related any of this information to the disabled women who he met with Norm to scam money from in the coming months. Also, I learned that all the old-timers in the Cannabis movement were well aware that Norm Caouette was a scam artist. Norman Caouette is a "known" in the community and anyone with any knowledge of the industry knows to stay away from him. He had helped David to set up David's club years before and that club was robbed several times and finally busted as a result of Norm and David's rip offs.

It also seems that David and Norm were informing on people. I spoke to a man in the US who told me that he came to Vancouver to invest in the scam. Like all the other investors he met Norm and David. Soon after he went to return to the US he had washed, cleaned his car, washed again, and showered several times before crossing the border. Mysteriously, the border guards stopped him and told him that they knew he had been dealing pot in Vancouver. The border guards could find no evidence but claimed that they could tell he had been smoking pot with his toe nail clippers. The man assures me this was never the case. The poor guy was transported 100 kilometers or so and jailed. He has a restriction from returning to Canada now. He thinks that Norman Caouette and David Malmo Levine informed on him. As well, growers and helpers were busted throughout the project. One guy got busted soon after police visited Norm Caouette. By this time there were about ten people trying to get the grow op busted. The police did not take down Norm's grow such as it was(and it was a pathetic grow despite all the money being invested) and quietly left him alone, but soon after the police busted a very tight security bigger grow belonging to one of the people who had helped Norm. So you do the math on that kind of activity. It is clear to me that someone was informing to save their own pathetic disgusting ass. I now know that Norm Caouette has a reputation of doing that very thing. He lives in the shadows because there are so many irate people after him. That is in fact why he was living in a homeless camp, he was hiding out.

We have since learned that Norman Caouette molested my eight year old daughter while he was in my home. The police investigation has so far revealed multiple victims of his abuse. To this day David Malmo Levine offers no explanations, no apologies, and describes Norman Caouette as the sole perpetrator and a "mixed blessing" to the movement. In contrast, Marc Emery has stated to me in his own words, "There is no doubt that David enabled Norm to mislead you, I just can't figure out why."

I have some thoughts on why David would help Norm to scam people. Either he did it for profit or because he is an undercover narc. There are simply no other explanations.

Oh, and there is one other reason why David is a scam artist. In case you had not heard, since so many of us do not read legal transcripts, prohibition was over on Terry Parker Day 2003. The courts may continue to act as if prohibition is still the law, but they are not the only scammers behaving as though prohibition was still the law. They get a lot of help from the profiteers.

I do believe there are good people out there working to support the cause with accountability to family and community. This post is meant for all those people. FREEDOM HAS NOTHING TO FEAR FROM THE TRUTH.