Sunday, October 30, 2005

Marc $ Emery who is your $ BUDBUDdy $

has graduated from selling seeds to selling weed through his BudBuddy to finance his personal needs and legal fees.

Soon this Blog will reveal to the world who Bud Buddy is ... maybe in five minutes... maybe in an hour or two ... maybe later... maybe tomorrow... Some of your friends will not be so friendly when they find out who you really are Buddy. They will find out they have been dealing with a wolf in sheep's clothing hiding the biggest wolf of them all.

* Keep watching this blog space for Bud Buddy's real identity -- to be revealed soon!

has been living pretty high on the hog on charity. In a previously written and latter sabotaged post, I asked where all of the money went. Since the Blog was destroyed I have been looking through the backup, cherry picking, when it dawned upon me, where is the money coming from?

My original thinking was that any millionaire businessman with former bank employee managing his money would surely have a bundle stashed away. How else can and live off the charity of impoverished students and children's lunch money? How could I have overlooked the obvious? is a money making machine feeding off illegal marijuana seeds today hashish tomorrow. knows no bounds. Poor was being set up, to be the fall girl, just like was for the seed / pot desk. was headed toward being the bud mail order princess under queen mother of the mail order seed forum Had the only waited they could have got the seed lady and the bag lady. dope direct worldwide mail order, hashish and marijuana, online reviews and customer feedback. Fortunately for the thought that they had the core conspirators.

Could be the front man for a deeper conspiracy? Only Bud can tell us for sure. Buddy you have a chance to confess before the world discovers who you are. Share with us where is getting the money from?

Confession is good for the soul and five years in prison or six months with time off early in Canada. Not a large price to pay for forgiveness. is a busy girl running the money between the laundries, the laundry and the laundry. I wonder if the found two or three sets of books. We are left to wonder if is the puppeteer, who is pulling the strings.

Bud get ready it is coming soon; it may be morning, night or noon.