Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Cheese Stands Alone: Support For Emery Bottoms Out

CCCult can report tonight that Marc Emery has been all but abandoned by his base of supporters.

Emery has been devastated as reality sets in that he has been abandoned by the community who for so long he thought followed his every word.

Things looked desperate on September 17th at a Poker Tournament fundraiser organized by BCMP Campaign Manager Kirk Tousaw was held at BCMP HQ with virtually no one attending but close Emery friends with little of their own money in their pockets to contribute.

Even in pot-haven Vandsterdam, Emery couldn't turn up enough supporters to hold a successful fundraiser in his own headquarters. Organizers and close aides were seriously disappointed but told Emery not to worry, the sun will come out tomorrow.

Unfortunately for Emery, in another sign of his fast evaporating base of support, Marc was forced to announce today the cancellation of the sale of his most prized possessions due to total and utter lack of interest! Marc had hoped that by selling some of his most valued sentimental possessions, additional funds would be raised for his legal defence by people both recognizing the inherent value of the items as well as the sentimental value to Emery himself. He was wrong on both counts. After two months of promotion and priority posting in the forums, almost nobody noticed or cared.

Emery wrote in his own words:

"Alas, only a few entries were received, so the few we did get have been returned to sender ... Such great prizes, too..."

Emery's string of unsuccessful fundraisers, coupled with the fact that he has enlisted co-conspirator Bud Buddy (whose identity this blog will soon reveal!) to manufacture the illusion of public support through the exchange of FREE POT for letters to the media and legislators on his behalf -- demonstrates how low Emery is willing to go to manipulate public opinion in his favour.

After having his sole supply of funds eliminated coupled with the sobering embarassment that even as his closest supporters are now distancing themselves from his desperately adrift organization. Without money or supporters, sources who spoke to CCCult on condition of anonymity worry that Emery's mood swings indicate something more serious such as the onset of severe depression.

Many have commented how much Emery has appeared to have drastically aged over the summer and how increasingly agitated he appears. His companion and closest assistants are closely monitoring his mood and behaviour for possible signs of extreme depression out of fear he may harm himself.

CCCult will continue to provide the latest updates.