Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"HEY RAT". Death Threats From BCMP Following Promise to Unmask Marc Emery's Bud Buddy; Plus: CCCult Gets Its Own Domain!

LESS THAN A DAY after promising to reveal the identity of Marc Emery's Bud Buddy to the world and revealing that Bud Buddy is a member of the NDP, the author of this blog has received an implicit death threat from one of Emery's top henchman.

Chris Bennett, longtime Emery depedent and former 'Manager' of POT-TV, wrote the following threatening email:

From: Chris Bennett []
Sent: Monday, October 31, 2005 7:31 PM
Subject: Hey Rat

High there Rat-boy,
I guess this latest incarnation takes you into the realm of Narc-wannabe.
Congratulations, now you are a rat. The gig is almost up.

Bennett's threat is a revealing look into an organization that paints itself as a peaceful, transparent, non-violent and benign movement 'fighting for freedom', but the reality shows it to be a mafia-like family, worried only about protecting the Don, it's own bottom line, and preserving family loyalty at all costs.

I wonder why Chris Bennett is so concerned with the imminent release of the true identity of Marc Emery's Bud Buddy? So concerned that he would use intimidation or threats of violence to prevent the truth from being revealed.

Could it be that his threat is further proof of the close relationship between Bud Buddy, Marc Emery, and the BC Marijuana Party at the highest level?

Could revalations of Bud Buddy's identity threaten an end to the drug financed exploitation and manipulation at the hands of Marc Emery and his ever-shrinking cadre of cultist supporters?

After all, following his arrest in July 2005, as part of an orchastrated campaign of media manipulation Emery and his followers repeatedly claimed that Emery's businesses "operated openly" for all to see with the implicit support of the community, and political leaders.

If Emery's businesses operated so openly why would one of his former top employees feel the need to lash out, issuing death threats in a vain attempt to prevent what he must realize will be a very damaging revelation about the true identity of Marc Emery's Bud Buddy and that persons relationhip to the BC Marijuana Party.

Surely Chris, Marc, and Bud Buddy:
Freedom has nothing to fear from the truth ...or does it?

Despite his atrocious spelling -- and cowardly death threats, which in and of themselves are further proof of guilt and a close association with the BCMP -- Chris is right about one thing: The 'jig' IS almost up.

The jig is almost up for Bud Buddy and the money laundering front that is the BC Marijuana Party and all the shady activity and lies it has been hiding.

This blog has received so much traffic, tips, and reader feedback we have decided to move this blog to its own domain!


will be our future
home, hosting this blog and all the revealing details on Marc Emery, Bud Buddy, and his BC Money-laundering Party.

Bookmark the new URL, send it to the media, your legislative representative and all of your friends! Check back regularly for the latest updates.

Bud Buddy's identity will be revealed by this blog VERY SOON.

Emery and associates be warned: further death threats or hack attempts will not disuade this blog from revealing the truth. History will condemn you for your actions and dishonesty.