Saturday, October 29, 2005

David Malmo Levine cheats steals lies and hurts

This blogs starts on a somber tone with a long story from the heart of a reader. The story needs to be told and the truth revealed. This story will be spread across several post to give it the forum it deserves.

I absolutely do not want to hurt the movement, but as the phrase goes, 'Freedom has nothing to Fear from the Truth' .

I write to you from a small apartment. I am soon to change residences with my family again due to safety issues related to this case. I recently saw that someone had posted this story of the med pot scam perpetrated by David Malmo Levine and Norm Caouette on the CC forums. My family who were victimized would never have been allowed to post there, it would have been deleted by the moderators within minutes. But it seems that the post has been allowed to remain as long as I, nor anyone else, who was scammed cannot respond there. David Malmo Levine states on the forums that the rip off was all Norm Caouette fault. David is a liar. I would think at this point the only people David Malmo Levine has left to con are the most deluded the most naive, the most vulnerable and most uninitiated into the movement. And that, my friends, is a scary reality.

David Malmo Levine, you are one of the two most despicable people I have ever met in my life. The other is the disgusting Norm Caouette, your business partner for many years. Whatever deluded concept you have of yourself (if it is a delusion and not just some undercover narc strategy) you are a danger to this movement and to my community. My message to you is to fuck off and get the hell away from my people and all those who care about the future of this movement.

I am a low income disabled single mother. Norman Edward Caoette is David Malmo Levine's business partner and also a pedophile that molested my eight year old daughter.

Norman Caoutte is a con artist and a rat who stole thousands of dollars from people in a medical marijuana scam in winter 2003 to spring 2004. David Malmo Levine helped him to scam people.

Let me begin at the beginning. I apologize for the length of this post but the details are important. I first met Norman Caouette when he was resident in a homeless camp. I brought food for the camp in my effort to help my community survive the brutish polices of the provincial government. Norm Caouette is an ugly man with a limp. But he is also a skilled con artist. He later introduced me to David Malmo-Levine who he said was an inspector for or to the Compassion Club. Norman Caouette asked me if I would invest in his medical marijuana project. He showed me this contract that was an "intent to grow" for the Compassion Club. The guy was very persistent and I was dumb enough to feel sorry for him, and I was vain enough to be flattered and I thought that I might make a difference in this world thru this medical grow. It was supposed to service the community.

Norman Caouette told me that such a grow op was quasi legal because it serves very ill people. He told me of the brave pot activists and how hard they'd all fought (he was a leader in the movement) to ensure the right to medical marijuana. Stupidly, I was impressed. Norm lived at my for about six weeks while he recovered from his ordeal of being made homeless by this alleged evil ex wife. During that time he ate quite a bit. He overcame his need for the walking stick. Overtime he convinced me he was in love with me and that he wanted to help me financially to care for my children. He seemed especially fond of my eight year old daughter. I am horrified as I remember how he convinced us all that he wanted to be a supportive figure to my children. Despite Norm's unusually unkempt appearance and bad manners, I fell for all of it. He may have been homeless, but he is a well practiced con artist. He is known to have "the gift of the gab" and can be quite charming although what lies underneath is disgusting.

To be continued in next post..........