Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween to Marc Emery and his Bud BUDdy!

The NDP 3 are some of Marc Emery's biggest boosters; Svend Robinson, Libby Davies, and Jack Layton.

They might be shocked to know the person offering free pot for calls to MP's offices and letters to the editor is one of their very own.

This entrepeneuring NDP member not only dispenses free dope for favors on behalf of Marc Emery. He's selling the stuff through mail order with Emery's blessing (and even his explicit endorsement, promotion, and recommendation!). And why wouldn't Emery give his blessing?

Bud Buddy is offering all kind of rewards for anyone who publically professes support for Emery and his current legal case (14 grams of BC Bud in the mail for anyone who has a letter published in a newspaper, 1 gram for calls to MP's or the Justice Department).

Furthermore, Bud Buddy donates "virtually all [of his] current profits to the BC Marijuana Party". That's awful generous for an 'unassociated' anonymous internet marijuana dealer. Bud Buddy gives the money to the party, the party gives it to its leader, and we all know who the leader is.

Marc Emery has cast a spell over the NDP ever since Jack Layton sat down with him on October 27, 2003. No other federal leader has given Emery the time of day let alone sat down in his house to be interviewed and do promos for POT-TV, a flagship in the promotion of his illegal seed sale business.

Jack Layton demonstrated poor judgement. Chickens will soon come home to roost for his party. You are known by the company you keep. Something doesn't smell right here. There's a whiff of scandal in the air...

Those who live in the seedy netherworld of trolls and goblins can't stand the light of day. Soon, thanks to this blog and contributors to it, they will face the cold hard light of reality.

Enjoy Halloween Marc Emery and Bud Buddy because soon all the masks will be coming off.

Pretty words and the maple leaf wont help you then.

It won't be long now...